Difference Between AWS Azure and GCP

Last updated 26th.Dec.2023

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is a service that allows you to store and access data over the internet instead of on physical storage devices like hard drives or local servers. It provides a convenient and scalable way to save and retrieve files, making them accessible from various devices with an internet connection. Popular cloud storage services include Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive.

Difference between AWS Azure and GCP

Difference Between AWS Azure and GCP






Computer Services

EC2, Lambda, ECS, EKS

Virtual Machines, Azure Functions, AKS

Compute Engine, Kubernetes Engine

Storage Services

S3, EBS, Glacier, EFS

Blob Storage, Azure Disk, Azure Files

Cloud Storage, Persistent Disk

Database Services

RDS, DynamoDB, Aurora

Azure SQL Database, Cosmos DB

Cloud SQL, Cloud Bigtable


VPC, Route 53, CloudFront

Virtual Network, Azure DNS, CDN

VPC, Cloud DNS, Cloud Load Balancing

Containers & Orchestration

ECS, EKS, Fargate

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Kubernetes Engine

Serverless Computing

AWS Lambda

Azure Functions

Cloud Functions

Identity & Access Management (IAM)


Azure Active Directory (AD)

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Developer Tools

AWS CodeDeploy, CodePipeline, CodeBuild

Azure DevOps, Azure Pipelines

Cloud Build, Cloud Deployment Manager

Pricing Model

Pay-as-you-go, Reserved Instances, Spot Instances

Pay-as-you-go, Reserved Instances, Spot Instances

Pay-as-you-go, Sustained Usage Discounts

Global Reach

Extensive global presence with multiple regions

Extensive global presence with multiple regions

Global presence with multiple regions

Market Share

Largest market share

Second-largest market share

Third-largest market share

Integration with Other Services

Broad ecosystem and integrations

Integration with Microsoft services

Tight integration with Google services

App Testing

It uses a device farm

It uses DevTest labs 

It uses Cloud Test labs

API Management

Amazon API gateway

Azure API gateway

Cloud endpoints

Kubernetes Management


Kubernetes service

Kubernetes engine

Git Repositories

AWS source repositories

Azure source repositories

Cloud source repositories

Data warehouse


SQL warehouse

Big Query

Object Storage


Block Blobs and files

Google cloud storage

Relational DB


Relational DBs

Google Cloud SQL

Block Storage


Page Blobs

Persistent Disks




G suite

Media Services

Amazon Elastic transcoder

Azure media services

Cloud video intelligence API

Virtual network





Per hour

Per minute

Per minute

Maximum processors in VM




Maximum memory in VM (GiB)








Load Balancing Configuration

Elastic Load Balancing

Load Balancer Application Gateway

Cloud Load Balancing

Global Content Delivery Networks


Content Delivery Network

Cloud Interconnect


Related to GCP

Google Cloud stands out as one of the rapidly growing cloud companies globally, offering thousands of open positions and compelling reasons to embark on a career within its domain. This blog delves into Google Cloud salary estimates, optimal career paths, and the primary approach to jumpstart a rewarding career in Google Cloud.

IT professionals, such as system administrators, network engineers, and DevOps engineers, can improve their skills and expertise through GCP training. Learning GCP allows them to keep current on cloud computing trends, increase their ability to design and operate cloud-based infrastructures, and progress their careers in cloud technology.

In essence, the Google Associate Cloud Engineer (GCP) exam is challenging, yet achievable with adequate study and commitment. The exam assesses your comprehension of various GCP services, cloud computing principles, and infrastructure deployment.

Google Cloud (GCP) is the ideal platform for developing cloud-based applications that require swift data processing with minimal latency. It utilizes a cross-platform programming language that is both quick to learn and adaptable in its grammar.

The demand for cloud computing platforms like GCP, AWS, and Azure has been steadily rising, with more individuals seeking certifications. As of 2023, GCP, AWS, and Azure Certifications are highly sought after and considered industry standards, validating expertise in cloud computing.

The estimated cost of obtaining the advanced GCP Cloud Engineer – Associate certification in Hyderabad ranges between 18000 and 20000 rupees.

GCP, suitable for beginners, is a robust cloud platform encompassing essential features: ample capacity for scalable operations, efficient resource management for peak performance, and multiple layers of security safeguarding hardware, software, and operating system components.

Each module typically requires 30 to 45 minutes, resulting in a GCP course taking approximately three to six hours to complete.

Reviewing the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of both the hiring company and the trust is essential. The SOPs specify the frequency for completing the GCP Refresher course for certificate renewal, typically advised every two to three years to stay abreast of best practices.

GCP is founded on three crucial ethical principles: beneficence, justice, and recognition of persons.

  • Outstanding Uptime and Availability.
  • Real-time Virtual Machine Migration.
  • Free Monitoring of Uptime.
  • Top Global Infrastructure.
  • Unmatched Throughput.
  • Optimizing Performance Using Network Service Tiers.
  • Persistent Commitment to Network Extension.
  • Setup simplicity.

GCP skills encompass proficiency in programming languages such as Python, Java, or Go for application building on the Google Cloud Platform. Knowledge of infrastructure-as-code (IaC) tools like Terraform or Google Cloud Deployment Manager enables the definition and management of infrastructure resources through code.

In the realm of DevOps, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) plays a pivotal role in transforming culture towards efficient, reliable, and secure application development, management, and monitoring.

The Cloud Engineer certification is an “Associate” level certification, making it the ideal starting point for beginners. It covers fundamental skills in deploying, monitoring, and maintaining projects on Google Cloud, serving as a stepping stone for pursuing Professional certifications.

  • Begin with the Course Overview.
  • Explore the Google Cloud Platform Overview.
  • Understand the GCP Free Tier.
  • Learn to Access GCP Using GCP Web Console, CLI, and REST.
  • Recognize the Importance of Networking in Cloud and GCP’s Uniqueness in Networking.
  • Dive into Networking Concepts 101 – Virtual Private Cloud, Firewall, and Routes.
  • Progress to Networking Concepts 102 – Shared VPC and VPC Peering.

AWS boasts a broader service portfolio compared to GCP, offering more options for computing, storage, networking, and databases. GCP excels in big data and machine learning areas. In terms of pricing, GCP is generally more cost-effective for smaller workloads.

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