Cancellation Refund Policy

Cancellation by User

Participants can cancel their membership in a course within four days of enrollment. Cancellation requests should be made through the user account or by contacting our helpful customer service team at []. Participants who cancel within the stated period will get a full refund, minus any non-refundable fees.

Cancellation by GCP Masters

While unusual, gcp masters has the right to cancel or reschedule a course due to unforeseen circumstances, low enrollment, or other reasons. In such situations, participants will be quickly contacted and given the option of enrolling in an alternative course or receiving a full refund. Gcp masters is not accountable for any additional fees incurred by participants as a result of course cancellation

Refund Policy

Refund Eligibility

Refunds are only valid within the cancellation period provided during the enrolling procedure. There will be no refunds after this period. Participants should carefully review the course information to determine the exact refund eligibility time frame.

Refund Process

To request a refund, participants should email our dedicated customer support staff at [] with the subject line “Refund Request – [Gcp Masters].” Participants should include their full name, course information, and a brief explanation of why they need a refund in their email. Refunds will be granted within four business days after obtaining all required information. 

Non-Refundable Fees

Certain payments, such as processing fees or administrative charges, may not be refundable. Participants will be made aware of these non-refundable fees during the enrollment process. Before confirming enrollment, you must carefully check the course contents and terms.

Refund Timeframe

Refunds will be issued to the original payment method used during enrollment. The time it takes for the refund to appear in the participant’s account can vary based on the payment method and the financial institution’s restrictions. Gcp Masters promises to execute refunds within four business days, however participants should be aware that extra delays may occur beyond our control.

Refund Policy for EMI Payments

Refund Eligibility for EMI Payments

Gcp Masters acknowledges that some participants want to pay in equal monthly installments (EMI). Refunds for EMI payments will follow our usual refund policy to guarantee fairness and transparency. If a participant requests a refund, the full refund amount will be credited, with adjustments made for any EMI payments that have already been processed. This way, we want to speed the refund procedure for participants who chose the EMI payment option.

EMI Payment Adjustments

If a refund is approved, all EMI payments made prior to cancellation will be recalibrated, and the remaining EMIs will be canceled. We want this process to be as simple and fast as possible for participants requesting EMI refunds.

Course Rescheduling Policy

Rescheduling Options

Gcp Masters knows that unexpected conditions sometimes happen, making it difficult for participants to stick to their originally scheduled courses. To address such situations, participants may reschedule a course by contacting our dedicated customer service staff at [] or [8142644555]. 

Rescheduling Fees

While we strive to provide flexibility, please note that rescheduling may incur additional fees. These fees will be communicated clearly during the rescheduling process, allowing participants to make informed decisions about modifying their course schedules.

Cancellation & Refunds: For Self-Placed Learning

Refund Eligibility

Participants registered in Gcp Masters’ self-paced learning courses may obtain a refund within the given cancellation time. This period is disclosed during the enrolling process to ensure that participants are aware of the timeframe within which they can request a refund. The goal is to provide participants the freedom to evaluate the applicability of the self-paced learning format and make an informed decision about their continued enrollment. 

Refund Process

Participants can easily request a refund for self-paced learning using their user accounts on our website or by contacting our quick customer service team. We strive to make the refund process as simple as possible for the benefit of our participants.

Cancellation & Refunds: Classroom Training:

Cancellation Period

Gcp Masters offers participants in classroom training courses to cancel within four days of the scheduled course start date. This allows participants plenty of opportunity to examine their commitment to the classroom training method.We believe in offering a reasonable cancellation window to allow unforeseen situations that may prevent a participant from attending the scheduled classroom training. 

Refund Amount

Classroom instruction refunds will be processed using our usual refund procedure. Participants should anticipate a fair and open procedure that follows industry best practices.

Cancellation & Refunds: Online Classroom Training

Online Classroom Training Cancellation

Participants in online classroom training courses can cancel their enrollment within four days of the course start date. This policy is intended to give participants the necessary flexibility while maintaining a fair and equal refund process.

Refund Process

The refund process for online classroom training follows the usual protocol, assuring a seamless and fast experience for participants seeking refunds. Our goal is to make your online learning experience with Gcp Masters as easy as possible. 

Cancellation & Refunds: For CSM, CSPO, PSM, PSPO Programs

Refund Processing Time

These specialty programs’ refunds will be processed within [Y] business days of the cancellation request being approved. We are committed to providing quick and efficient service to participants in these rigorous training sessions.

Program-Specific Cancellation Period

Participants in specialist programs such as CSM, CSPO, PSM, and PSPO have a set cancellation period during which they can receive a refund. This phase, usually four days after the program begins, gives participants enough opportunity to assess their commitment to these rigorous programs.Gcp Masters understands the uniqueness of these programs and tailors the cancellation policy to match their special demands and problems.

University Partnered Programs/Bootcamps

Refund Policy for Partnered Programs:

Participants in university-affiliated programs or boot camps should study the collaborating institution’s specific return policy. Gcp Masters strictly adheres to the policies established by its recognized institutional partners, assuring transparency and compliance.

Our collaboration with colleges indicates our commitment to providing high-quality education, and the refund procedures for these programs adhere to the academic criteria established by our partners.

Refund Request Can Be Initiated in Two Ways

Initiating Refund Requests:

  • Participants at Gcp Masters like the ease of making refund requests through two seamless channels. The first alternative is to submit a request using their user accounts on our user-friendly website.
  • Alternatively, participants can contact our dedicated customer service staff at [] or [8142644555]. These different channels are intended to suit a wide range of preferences and allow participants to easily submit refund claims. 

Refunds: Duplicate Payment

Duplicate Payment Refund

In the unusual event that a member makes a duplicate payment, our proactive customer support team is ready to help. Participants who experience this circumstance should immediately contact customer support and give proof of the duplicate transaction.Gcp Masters is committed to promptly resolving such difficulties, ensuring that players receive a refund for the duplicate amount without undue delay.

Gcp Masters Reserves the Right to Revise This Policy Without Prior Notice:

Policy Revisions

Gcp Masters maintains the right to change its Cancellation/Refund Policy at any moment and without previous notice. This adaptability enables us to respond to shifting industry standards, legislative changes, and enhancements to our service offerings. Participants are advised to examine the policy on a regular basis for revisions. We value transparency and will make every effort to announce any policy changes on time.

Contact Information

For any cancellation or refund issues, participants can contact our customer support staff at [] or by phone at [8142644555]. Our team is available during regular business hours to address any concerns or questions you may have about our cancellation and refund policies.

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