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GCP Data Engineer Training in Hyderabad

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Training Modes:Online Training
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Course Duration:45 Days
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GCP Data Engineer Course Syllabus

  • Anticipating Future Data Technology Advancements
  • Adapting to Evolving Business Requirements
  • Understanding Current State and Migration Strategies
  • Data Modeling for Flexibility
  • Navigating Tradeoffs in Design
  • Incorporating Distributed Systems
  • Strategic Schema Design
  • Future-Proofing for Data Technology Advances
  • Adapting to Changing Business Requirements
  • Migrating Designs to Future States
  • Data Modeling Impact on Pipelines
  • Tradeoffs in Pipeline Design
  • Ensuring System Availability
  • Thoughtful Schema Design
  • Addressing Common Errors (e.g., Selection Bias)
  • Incorporating Future Data Technology Trends
  • Aligning with Business Requirement Changes
  • Seamless Migration from Current to Future State
  • Strategic Data Modeling
  • Balancing Tradeoffs in Infrastructure
  • Ensuring System Availability in Distributed Systems
  • Schema Design for Scalability
  • Capacity Planning for Efficient Operations
  • Exploring Architectural Options: Message Brokers, Queues, Middleware, Service-Oriented Approaches
  • Adhering to Future-Ready Design Principles
  • Sustaining Flexibility Amid Business Evolution
  • Incorporating Data Cleansing Best Practices
  • Balancing Batch and Streaming Processes
  • Transforming Data Effectively
  • Strategies for Data Acquisition and Import
  • Rigorous Testing and Quality Control
  • Seamless Integration of New Data Sources
  • Resource Provisioning Strategies
  • Pipeline Monitoring for Performance
  • Adaptive Adjustments to Pipelines
  • Rigorous Testing and Quality Control
  • Effective Data Collection and Labeling
  • Insightful Data Visualization
  • Dimensionality Reduction Techniques
  • Rigorous Data Cleaning and Normalization
  • Defining Metrics for Success
  • Strategic Feature Selection and Engineering
  • Algorithm Selection Considerations
  • Debugging Models for Optimal Performance
  • Performance and Cost Optimization Strategies
  • Online and Dynamic Learning Considerations
  • Collaborating with Business Stakeholders
  • Skillful Gathering of Business Requirements
  • Resizing and Scaling Resources Strategically
  • Implementing Data Cleansing in Distributed Systems
  • Leveraging High-Performance Algorithms
  • Mitigating Common Errors, Including Selection Bias
  • Rigorous Verification Protocols
  • Building and Executing Comprehensive Test Suites
  • Continuous Pipeline Monitoring
  • Continuous Evaluation of Data Representations and Infrastructure
  • Efficient Troubleshooting Strategies
  • Thoughtful Planning for Fault Tolerance
  • Executing Reliable Recovery Plans
  • Stress Testing Data Recovery Processes
  • Automation Strategies
  • Decision Support Integration
  • Data Summarization Techniques
  • Adhering to Automation Principles
  • Decision Support Integration
  • Ensuring Data Summarization and Integrity
  • Upholding Trackability in Reporting
  • Implementing Robust Identity and Access Management
  • Ensuring Data Security Measures
  • Rigorous Penetration Testing
  • Adhering to Separation of Duties Principles
  • Implementing Effective Security Controls
  • Navigating Legislative Requirements (e.g., HIPAA, COPPA)
  • Facilitating Audits for Compliance Assurance

Key Points

gcp training in hyderabad

Comprehensive Curriculum

GCP Masters offers a comprehensive curriculum covering essential topics in GCP Data Engineering. Participants delve into GCP services, data modeling, ETL processes, big data technologies, machine learning integration, and real-time data processing.

Hands-On Learning Experience

The training emphasizes a hands-on learning approach with practical labs and real-world projects. Participants gain practical experience working in a simulated GCP environment, ensuring they can apply their skills effectively in professional settings.

Flexible Learning Options

GCP Masters recognizes diverse learning preferences and provides flexible options. Participants can choose between self-paced learning for individual flexibility or live instructor-led sessions for interactive discussions and real-time guidance.

Experienced Trainers

Industry experts and certified GCP professionals lead the GCP Data Engineer training in Hyderabad sessions. Trainers bring real-world insights, practical experience, and a deep understanding of GCP, ensuring participants receive high-quality instruction.

Certification Preparation Support

The GCP Data Engineer training in Hyderabad program includes dedicated support for certification preparation. Participants receive guidance on exam topics, access to practice materials, and insights into exam structure to enhance their chances of success.

gcp training in hyderabad

Placement Assistance

GCP Masters provides placement assistance to connect participants with potential job opportunities. The support includes resume reviews, interview preparation, and networking opportunities to help participants transition smoothly into the workforce.

Continuous Access to Course Materials

Participants retain access to course materials even after completing the training. This ensures ongoing reference and review, supporting continuous learning and skill retention.

Real-World Projects

The curriculum includes industry-relevant projects that challenge participants to apply their skills to solve real-world problems. These projects contribute to building a practical portfolio, showcasing participants’ capabilities to potential employers.

gcp training in hyderabad

Interactive Doubt Sessions

GCP Masters understands the importance of clarifying doubts and ensuring participants have a thorough understanding of the concepts. Interactive doubt sessions are incorporated into the training, providing a dedicated platform for participants to engage with trainers

What is a GCP Data Engineer?

A Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Data Engineer is a professional who specializes in designing, building, and maintaining data processing systems on the Google Cloud Platform. This role involves working with various GCP tools and services to develop robust and scalable data solutions that meet the organization’s requirements. The primary goal of a GCP Data Engineer is to ensure the efficient and reliable processing of large volumes of data for analysis, reporting, and other business purposes.

One of the key responsibilities of a GCP Data Engineer is to design and implement data pipelines. This involves creating workflows that extract, transform, and load (ETL) data from source systems into GCP storage and processing solutions. GCP provides a range of services for these tasks, such as Cloud Storage, BigQuery, Dataflow, and Dataprep, and a GCP Data Engineer must be proficient in leveraging these tools to build effective data pipelines.

What is the use of GCP Data Engineer?

Using Google Cloud Platform’s (GCP) set of tools and services to build, implement, and manage data processing systems that meet an organization’s data demands is a critical function of a GCP data engineer. Building dependable and scalable data solutions that facilitate the effective management of sizable datasets for analytics, reporting, and other business applications is the primary responsibility of a GCP Data Engineer.

Building data pipelines is one of a GCP Data Engineer’s primary responsibilities. These pipelines include data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) into GCP processing and storage services from a variety of sources. Working knowledge of GCP tools such as BigQuery, Dataflow, Cloud Storage, and Dataprep is necessary to build efficient and smooth data workflows.

Optimizing and fine-tuning existing data pipelines for improved performance is another critical aspect of the GCP Data Engineer’s role. This includes addressing issues related to data quality, latency, and reliability. Regular monitoring and troubleshooting of data processing systems are undertaken to ensure the continuous and reliable operation of these systems.

Collaboration is a key use of a GCP Data Engineer’s skills, as they work closely with data scientists, analysts, and other stakeholders. By understanding the organization’s data requirements, GCP Data Engineers can design solutions that align with business objectives. Effective communication is crucial for translating these requirements into technical specifications and ensuring that the data infrastructure meets the needs of end-users.


Pre-Requisites of the GCP Data Engineer Course

Programming Skills

Proficiency in programming languages, such as Python, Java, or SQL, is crucial. GCP Data Engineers use these languages to write scripts, optimize code for data processing tasks, and interact with GCP services programmatically.

Database Knowledge

A solid understanding of database concepts is necessary. GCP Data Engineers work extensively with databases, so knowledge of database design, normalization, and SQL querying is essential for effectively managing and manipulating data.

Data Modeling Skills

Data modeling involves designing effective data structures. GCP Data Engineers need to understand how to represent and organize data for optimal storage and retrieval, considering both relational and non-relational data models.

Cloud Computing Fundamentals

Familiarity with cloud computing principles is important, as the course will focus on using GCP services. Understanding concepts like virtualization, scalability, and cloud infrastructure will help learners make the most of GCP's capabilities.

Understanding of Big Data Technologies

GCP Data Engineers often deal with large datasets. Familiarity with big data technologies like Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark is beneficial, as these tools enable distributed processing of large volumes of data.

Who should learn GCP Data Engineer?

GCP Data Engineer Training In Hyderabad

Course Outline


Overview of GCP services, architecture, and cloud computing fundamentals.


Google Cloud Storage (GCS) for object storage and Cloud SQL/Cloud Spanner for relational databases.


Introduction to Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark on GCP, including processing and analyzing large datasets with BigQuery.


Using Cloud Dataflow for stream and batch processing, and implementing ETL pipelines with Apache Beam.


Overview of GCP’s machine learning services and building/deploying models with TensorFlow on GCP.


Designing and managing data warehouses, and optimizing queries/performance in BigQuery.


Implementing access controls, and security measures, and ensuring compliance/data governance on GCP.


Real-world scenarios and projects to apply knowledge, and collaborative projects to enhance practical skills.


Guidance on preparing for the GCP Data Engineer certification exam, and practice tests/mock exams.

GCP Data Engineer Training In Hyderabad


The GCP Data Engineer course at GCP Masters has been carefully designed to meet predetermined goals and give learners the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the constantly developing area of data engineering on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The goals of the GCP Data Engineer Training in Hyderabad course are to give students a thorough grasp of GCP services, data processing methods, and industry best practices in a practical manner. 

Course Overview

The GCP Data Engineer course at GCP Masters is a comprehensive and hands-on program designed to equip participants with the skills and expertise needed to excel in the dynamic field of data engineering on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). 

The goal of this course is to give participants an in-depth understanding of GCP services and best practices for data engineering through an organized learning path that integrates theoretical knowledge with real-world application. 

Tools Covered In GCP Data Engineer Training in Hyderabad

gcp training in hyderabad

Google BigQuery

BigQuery is a fully managed, serverless data warehouse that enables super-fast SQL queries using the processing power of Google's infrastructure. GCP Data Engineer Training in Hyderabad covers data querying, analysis, and optimization on BigQuery.

gcp training in hyderabad

Google Cloud Dataprep

Dataprep is a cloud-based data preparation tool that allows users to explore, clean, and prepare data for analysis. GCP Data Engineer training in Hyderabad covers the use of Dataprep for efficient data wrangling and transformation.

gcp training in hyderabad

Google Cloud Dataproc

Dataproc is a fast, easy-to-use, fully-managed cloud service for running Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop clusters. Training includes deploying and managing Dataproc clusters for distributed data processing.

Google Cloud Pub/Sub

Pub/Sub is a messaging service that allows for the real-time exchange of messages between independent applications. GCP Data Engineer training covers the integration of Pub/Sub for building scalable and event-driven data processing systems.

Google Cloud Spanner

Spanner is a globally distributed, strongly consistent database service. GCP Data Engineer Training in Hyderabad covers using Spanner for managing and storing structured data with high availability and global scalability.

Google Cloud SQL

Cloud SQL is a fully managed relational database service for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server. GCP Data Engineer training in Hyderabad includes using Cloud SQL for managing relational databases in the cloud.

Modes of GCP Data Engineer course

GCP Classroom Training

Live Online Sessions

Corporate Training

Carrer Opportunities


Data Engineer

The most direct career path is that of a Data Engineer. GCP Data Engineers design, build, and maintain data processing systems, ensuring efficient ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes, optimal data storage, and seamless integration with other cloud services.


Cloud Data Architect

Professionals can advance their careers to become Cloud Data Architects, responsible for designing and overseeing the entire data architecture on Google Cloud. This role involves making strategic decisions about data storage, processing, and integration to meet business objectives.


Big Data Engineer

GCP Data Engineers with expertise in handling large datasets and using tools like Apache Spark on Google Cloud can transition into roles specifically focused on big data engineering. These professionals work on scalable solutions for processing and analyzing vast amounts of data.


Machine Learning Engineer

GCP Data Engineers with a strong understanding of machine learning concepts and the ability to work with tools like Google Cloud AutoML can explore careers as Machine Learning Engineers. They develop and deploy machine learning models using GCP’s machine learning services.


Data Scientist

Understanding data processing and analytics on GCP provides a solid foundation for individuals aspiring to become Data Scientists. GCP Data Engineers can transition into roles where they leverage their skills to extract insights and patterns from data.


Data Integration Specialist

Professionals with GCP Data Engineer skills can specialize in data integration. They focus on seamless data flow between different systems, applications, and databases, ensuring consistency and reliability in data integration processes.


Data Warehouse Architect

GCP Data Engineers can pursue roles as Data Warehouse Architects, specializing in designing and managing data warehouses on Google Cloud. This involves optimizing data storage, query performance, and ensuring data consistency.


DevOps Engineer (Data)

DevOps Engineers with a focus on data operations can leverage GCP Data Engineering skills to automate data workflows, manage infrastructure as code, and ensure the reliability and scalability of data processing systems.


Business Intelligence (BI) Developer

Professionals interested in visualizing and communicating insights from data can explore BI Developer roles. GCP Data Engineers with BI skills use tools like Google Data Studio to create meaningful visualizations and reports.


Cloud Solutions Architect

GCP Data Engineers can broaden their career scope by becoming Cloud Solutions Architects. These professionals design end-to-end cloud solutions, integrating data engineering components with other cloud services to meet business requirements.

Skills Developed Post GCP Data Engineer Training


Mastery of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services and tools for data engineering tasks.


Ability to design efficient data structures and models to meet business requirements.


Proficiency in building data pipelines for extracting, transforming, and loading data into GCP.


Strong coding skills in languages such as Python, Java, and SQL for data processing tasks.


Competence in managing databases, including relational and non-relational databases on GCP


Familiarity with big data technologies like Apache Spark for processing large datasets.


Knowledge of implementing data security measures and ensuring compliance with regulations.


Creating meaningful visualizations using tools like Google Data Studio for data analysis and reporting.

GCP Certifications

Achieving these certifications demonstrates not only a deep understanding of GCP but also specialized expertise in data engineering and related areas. GCP certifications are recognized in the industry and can significantly enhance a professional’s credibility and career prospects.

You will receive a course completion certificate from GCPMasters that is accepted by leading multinational corporations and the industry as a whole after finishing the course. Having this certification will set you apart in the competitive employment market.

Placement Opportunities in the GCP Data Engineer Course

Organizations across sectors require professionals who can design, build, and maintain efficient data processing systems, making GCP Data Engineers highly sought after. Cloud Engineer, Cloud Solutions Architect, or Cloud Consultant, where GCP Data Engineer skills are valuable for optimizing cloud-based data solutions.

GCP Data Engineers, with their knowledge of tools like Apache Spark on Google Cloud, are well-equipped for roles focusing on big data processing and analytics.

GCP Data Engineers can contribute to business intelligence and analytics teams, helping organizations derive insights from data. Roles may include BI Developer, Analytics Engineer, or Data Analyst, focusing on data visualization and reporting.

Pay Scale Of GCP Jobs

Why Choose a Career in GCP Data Engineer?

Choosing a career as a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Data Engineer offers a multitude of compelling reasons for professionals looking to make a mark in the dynamic field of data engineering and cloud computing. 

Why Choose us?

GCP Training In Hyderabad

Experienced Instructors

Our trainers are seasoned industry experts and certified GCP professionals. They bring a wealth of practical experience to the training program, offering insights into real-world scenarios and best practices in data engineering on the Google Cloud Platform. Their expertise ensures a high-quality learning experience.

Flexible Learning Options

Recognizing diverse learning preferences, we offer flexibility in our training options. Whether participants prefer self-paced learning or live instructor-led sessions, our GCP Data Engineer training in Hyderabad program accommodates various schedules and learning styles to cater to individual needs.

Industry-Relevant Projects

Participants have the opportunity to work on industry-relevant projects that mirror the challenges faced by data engineers in professional settings. These projects contribute to building a practical portfolio, showcasing participants’ ability to apply their knowledge to solve real-world problems.

gcp training in hyderabad

Placement Assistance

Our commitment to participants’ success extends beyond the training program. We provide placement assistance to connect participants with our network of industry partners and job opportunities. This support enhances the likelihood of successful placement for participants entering or advancing in the field of GCP Data Engineering.

Cutting-Edge Infrastructure

Our training environment is equipped with cutting-edge infrastructure, providing participants with a simulated real-world experience. State-of-the-art labs and cloud-based resources ensure a seamless learning experience, allowing participants to interact with GCP tools in a controlled and supportive setting.

gcp training in hyderabad

Comprehensive Curriculum

The GCP Data Engineer training in Hyderabad curriculum at GCP Masters is carefully crafted to cover a wide range of topics essential for GCP Data Engineers. Starting from foundational concepts, participants progress through advanced subjects like data modeling, ETL processes, and integration with machine learning. The curriculum is designed to meet industry standards and equip participants with a holistic skill set.

Benefits of Learning GCP Data Engineer

Industry-Relevant Skills

GCP Data Engineering equips individuals with skills highly relevant to current industry needs. This encompasses a deep understanding of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services, data modeling, and efficient data processing techniques. Proficiency in GCP allows professionals to align their expertise with the evolving landscape of cloud-based data solutions.

High Demand for GCP Professionals

The demand for professionals with GCP expertise, particularly in data engineering, is driven by the widespread adoption of cloud-based solutions by businesses globally. Organizations recognize the benefits of GCP in terms of scalability, cost-effectiveness, and innovative data processing capabilities.

Real-Time Data Processing

GCP Data Engineering covers tools such as Dataflow, which enables professionals to work on real-time data processing solutions. Real-time data processing is essential in scenarios where immediate insights from streaming data are critical for decision-making.

Job Support Program

Personalized Career Guidance

Our GCP Data Engineer Training in Hyderabad program offers personalized career guidance to help participants align their skills and aspirations with the current job market trends. This includes one-on-one sessions with career advisors who provide insights into industry demands and potential career paths.

gcp training in hyderabad

Placement Assistance

Beyond guidance, our GCP Data Engineer Training in Hyderabad program provides active placement assistance, leveraging our network of industry partners and connections to match participants with suitable job opportunities. Placement assistance includes resume circulation, personalized recommendations, and direct introductions to hiring managers.

gcp training in hyderabad

Resume Building and Optimization

Crafting an impactful resume is crucial in making a positive first impression. The Job Support GCP Data Engineer Training in Hyderabad Program includes dedicated sessions on resume building and optimization, ensuring that participants showcase their skills and experiences effectively to potential employers.

gcp training in hyderabad

Mock Interviews and Interview Preparation

Facing interviews can be daunting, especially for those entering the job market. Our program conducts mock interviews to simulate real-world scenarios, providing valuable feedback and honing participants' interview skills.

Access to Exclusive Job Portals

Participants gain access to exclusive job portals curated for GCP Data Engineers. These portals feature job listings, industry insights, and networking opportunities, offering a platform for participants to explore employment options and connect with potential employers.

gcp training in hyderabad

Continuous Learning and Skill Enhancement

The technology landscape is dynamic, and continuous learning is essential. Our program encourages ongoing skill enhancement by providing access to relevant resources, webinars, and workshops, ensuring that participants stay updated with the latest developments in GCP Data Engineering.

Market Trend


Many organizations (over 70%) are now using Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for their data engineering needs.


The demand for skilled data engineering professionals, including GCP Data Engineers, is rising annually at a rate of around 20%.


More than 60% of organizations need GCP Data Engineers skilled in tools like Dataflow for quick insights and analytics.


Nearly 40% of organizations are seeking GCP Data Engineers who can integrate machine learning for advanced analytics.


Around 80% of organizations prioritize hiring GCP Data Engineers for their expertise in robust security and regulatory compliance.


Over 70% of GCP Data Engineers actively pursue certifications to stay updated on the latest GCP advancements.

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Testimonials of GCP Data Engineer Training In Hyderabad

Rajesh Kumar
Read More
GCP Masters has truly been a game-changer for my career. The GCP Data Engineer training in Hyderabad was comprehensive and hands-on. The trainers were industry experts who guided us through real-world scenarios. The practical projects were a highlight, giving me the confidence to apply my skills in a professional setting. I highly recommend GCP Masters to anyone looking to excel in the Google Cloud Platform.
Ananya Singh
Read More
I enrolled in GCP Masters for the Data Engineer training in Hyderabad, and it exceeded my expectations. The curriculum was well-structured, covering everything from the basics to advanced concepts. The hands-on labs and projects provided an immersive learning experience. The trainers were supportive, and the flexible learning options allowed me to balance the training with my work. GCP Masters has opened up new career opportunities for me.
Suresh Reddy
Read More
GCP Masters is the go-to place for anyone serious about mastering GCP Data Engineering. The trainers are not just knowledgeable but also passionate about teaching. The real-world projects challenged me to think critically and apply what I learned. The placement assistance was a huge help, and I landed a rewarding position even before completing the GCP Data Engineer training in Hyderabad. GCP Masters is a trusted partner in your professional journey.
Read More
I'm so grateful for my decision to choose GCP Masters for GCP Data Engineer training in Hyderabad. The course content is not only relevant but also aligned with industry trends. The trainers were patient and always ready to clarify doubts. The flexibility to choose between self-paced and instructor-led sessions made learning convenient. The certification preparation support was excellent, ensuring I was well-prepared for success.
Read More
As someone transitioning to a career in data engineering, GCP Masters provided the perfect foundation. The hands-on labs allowed me to practice in a real GCP environment, and the trainers' expertise was evident in their ability to explain complex concepts in a simple manner. The community and networking opportunities opened doors to connect with fellow learners and industry professionals. I'm now confident in my GCP Data Engineering skills, all thanks to GCP Masters.


Google Cloud Platform Data Engineer Course

GCP Data Engineer Training in Hyderabad at  GCP Masters is a comprehensive program designed to equip individuals with the skills needed to excel in the field of data engineering on the Google Cloud Platform. It is suitable for aspiring data engineers, IT professionals, and anyone looking to leverage GCP for efficient data processing and analytics.

Absolutely! Our GCP Data Engineer training in Hyderabad program caters to learners at all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience, the curriculum is structured to start with foundational concepts and progress to advanced topics. The trainers provide guidance and support to ensure everyone, regardless of their starting point, can grasp the essentials of GCP Data Engineering.


Our GCP Data Engineer training in Hyderabad is based mostly on practical learning. We offer practical labs, real-world projects, and cloud-based access to GCP scenario simulation. This method guarantees that participants can apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios and comprehend theoretical concepts, so equipping them for obstacles that they may face in the real world.

Certainly! Our training program is designed to align with GCP Data Engineer certification requirements. We provide additional resources, mock exams, and certification preparation support to ensure participants are well-prepared to take and succeed in the certification exams.

Yes, we do. Our commitment to your success extends beyond training completion. We offer placement assistance to connect participants with our network of industry partners and job opportunities. Our goal is to empower you not only with knowledge but also with the resources to launch a successful career in GCP Data Engineering.

Yes, participants have access to course materials even after completing the training. This allows for ongoing review and reference, supporting continuous learning and skill retention.

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